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Kloeppelspitzen - eine Zeitreise

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Binche, Torchon, Rosaline, Valenciennes, Cantu, Duchesse?many of these concepts meets a bobbin-lace-maker again and again. But what is now exactly a Duchesse? How does it look, where does it come? How does a Duchesse actually differ from other laces by what does one recognize it if one hold it in the hand? What kind of laces are there at all?

So many questions! The book tries to answer the most current questions over bobbin laces. The author always has the normal bobbin-lace maker before itself , that would also like to devote time to the backgrounds of his hobby, with it but also lace-collectors will surely still find interesting.

All classic lace-typs are introduced: Weave- and Guipure-laces, ribbon-laces, network-reason-laces and the bobbin-lace with cut threads. Still the popular free-hand-laces are treated as well as some examples of the contemporary art. Also the most important needlepoints find mention.

An introduction informs about the technical bases of this handicraft. We learn worth knowing about the different bobbins, bobbin-pillows, patterns and yarns.

Also the hisoric backgrounds of bobbin were expounded, the formation in the 16. century and the swift spread in whole Europe. Here find further questions an unambiguous answer: Where and when did occur bobbins? How did the oldest lace and the first bobbin pillow look? Who bobbins ? and for whom? Which role did Barbara Uthmann actually play?

Colored pictures of over 230 laces into original size as well as some detail-enlargements procure an insight into the diverse world of the bobbin-laces. Altogether, it is more than 300 without exception colored illustrations. 30 drawings and maps comes to it.