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Geklöppelte Schmetterlinge


32,00 €

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Item # 92300

A collection of more than 30 previously unpublished samples.

All of them are bobbin lace-banded, about one-third of which is currently popular in Milan, plus a few in Schneeberger technique and one in Russian lace. They find smaller and larger, simpler and more difficult, colored and white butterflies in varied forms. A Torchonspitze with butterflies (for example as a conclusion for a Tischlüfer, a curtain or similar) rounds off the collection. Gorgeous colorful figures and bobbin letters to all designs.

Ms Bellon expressly recommends the use of yarns on bobbins and thus different lobes and colors have been bobbinted. You may also have a favorite yarn that would like to turn into a butterfly.

All baubles and colored illustrations of the finished butterflies are included as well as, where necessary, detailed and / or work drawings.

72 pages, 27 x 21cm
Text: German and English