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Kloeppelkurs für Selbststudium & Unterricht

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Item # 92110

Bobbin Lace Making Course for Self-Study and Education - from Ulrike Loehr

A volume in 17 lessons with pattern, that doesn't absolutely shy away to deviate from the traditional way.

Instead of boring practice-patterns-ribbons from good white linen-yarn becomes bobbin here with colored yarns already from the beginning, each practice-lace finds also its application with it.

Ulrike Loehr awakens fun at the matter. However, she submits a remarkable speed with it - already in the second. lesson is a tree-dimensional bloom to bobbin, topic of the lesson 4 is clean finishing and knotting, lesson 5 already brings the form-hits feared far-to.

It won't certainly succeed everyone, itself on the basis of this course bobbin to teach without further help itself.

As accompanying booklet for starters it is to recommend every time.