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Adhesive Film, Clear, Width: 0,30 Meter (11,8 in)

from 5,67 €/qm

You stick the transparent adhesive film on the pattern. Through this it becomes stable and holds longer. The yarn will be protect from contaminations which can come from the pattern, for example through toner of copying.

Depending on which yarn-color you use, the adhesive film contributes to the improvement of the contrast. For example, the use of the light-blue or orange adhesive film is recommended for white yarn on a white pattern. Through the matt surface the artificial light doesn't mirror itself on the adhesive film. The surface of this foil is smooth.

Length: 1 m (39,4 in)

  • 5 roll with 1 meter

    5 roll with 1 meter

    9,75 € 8,95 €* / 1,50 m²

    (5,97 € / 1 m²)

    Item # 30106-5

    Ready for shipping Available

  • Length: 1 m (39,4 in)

    Length: 1 m (39,4 in)

    2,25 € 1,95 €* / 0,30 m²

    (6,50 € / 1 m²)

    Item # 30106

    Ready for shipping Available