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Pattern Flower Bouquets


Available: Ready for shipping

Item # 825070

by Katarina Buranova

The motive-set "Flower Bouquets" consists of a cover page with color illustration of some laces plus 6 sheets DIN A4 with a total of 6 designs.

Sizes: from 18 x 22 to 15 x 28 cm (from 7,1 x 8,7 to 5,9 x 11 in)
Number of Bobbins: max. 13 Pairs
(Depending on the yarn strength is possibly adjust the number of bobbin pairs.)

Material Recommendation (see equipment):
-  FRANKs Cotton Yarn Strength 20/3 or
-  Goldschild Linen Yarn NeL 50/3 or
-  Bockens Linen Yarn NeL 35/2
-  Effect Yarn: Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 5, Venne Chenille, Madeira Lamé