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Pattern Waistcoat and Top Sabrina

Available: Ready for shipping

Item # 94310
Waiscoat and top in a DIN A 4 border. The pattern size S (38/40) consiss of stripes, which connected by crochet together. For size M(42/44) enlarge to 108%, for size L (46-50) enlarge to 116%. It is better to use for larger sizes thicker material, p.e. Tussah-silk Nm 20/2, and for smaller sizes thinner material, p.e. Schappe-silk Nm 120/2x4 or Yasp? silk Nm 30/2 Nel 50/2.

Material recommended by the author: Yasp? silk Nm 30/2 Nel 50/2, for the für enlarged version Tussah-silk Nm 20/2

material consumption: Depending on size, lengh and number of color altogether 100-200g

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