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Torchon - 3-part Textbook

by Ulrike Voelcker

A three-part comprehensive collection of sheets.

Each part:
Pages: 126
Format: DIN A4 (continuous 4-color)

Text: German and English  

Part 1: "Torchon learning" includes 75 patterns.

Part 2: "Torchon practicing" also contains more lace patterns and is used independently of Part 1, although of course it builds on it.

Part 3: "Torchon understanding" is intended for technically interested lace makers. Knowledge is not only deepened, but practiced with exercises (and answer key). The part builds on Part 1 and without this hard to use.

For this collection there is a folder (see equipment).

  • Part 1 - Torchon erlernen

    Part 1 - Torchon erlernen

    28,00 €*


    Item # 93131

    Available: Ready for shipping

  • Part 2 - Torchon ueben

    Part 2 - Torchon ueben

    28,00 €* / 1 (leer)


    Item # 93132

    Available: Ready for shipping

  • Part 3 - Torchon verstehen

    Part 3 - Torchon verstehen

    28,00 €*


    Item # 93133

    Available: Ready for shipping

  • Ring Binder
    Ring Binder

    5,99 €*


    Item # 93060

    Available: Ready for shipping