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Torchon in Bewegung - SOLD OUT

Available: This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

Item # 93101
A completely new book of Jose van Pamelen-Hagenaars. The contained 16 patterns show that Torchon modern and with art-elements can be shaped. One can this in the NEW designed corners and the altogether 29 (!) NEW reasons, which are applicable in different patterns, discovers.

The book is a voyage of discovery into the world of Torchon.

The tied book has 96 sides, the descriptions are in german, Dutch, English and French. The patterns are predominant made with linen-yarn 30/2 and 50/2. The number of the pairs of bobbins amounts to between 13 and 39 pairs mostly, but also 1x 44 pairs, 1x 62 pairs and 1x 66 pairs.