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Sommerhuete - SOLD OUT

Available: This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

Item # 94201
16 enchanting and portable sun-hats - of course in color! The production permits also formally still unpractised lace-maker a good instructions the hat form when making lace, and the final assembly, inclusive, both make which the be fortifying. The pattern are traced over so well that technical drawings are not required.

The highly imaginative and with many variants Torchon-pattern surrender, to themselves, for Torchon practised lace-maker are made lace from the markings of the pattern. with at most 24 pairs.

Material Recommendation (given by the author):
-  Moravia Linen Yarn NeL 50/4
-  Goldschild Linen Yarn NeL 30/3
-  Hedens Hoergarn (Linen) NeL 28/2
-  Gimp Thread and
-  Fine Wire