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Schneeberger Kloeppelmotive

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Item # 92540


After Schneeberger patterns is asked frequently. The technology is so popular, because on the one hand only a few, often 6 - 8 pairs, are used. On the other hand, the lace fill through their graceful energy, that results from the continuous streamlining and broadening of the bond, with enthusiasm. The motives is fast to work and looks comely, the ideal gift.

The book begins with a short introduction into the hisory and the technical peculiarities of the Schneeberger lace, (Flechter at the outer-edge, jags within the completely-hit-bond). It follows 40 usually small pattern, in each case with illustration, and when necessary, small explanatory sketches and hints to the operation. The pattern offers something for each season - hearts and butterflies, snails, leaves and flowers, bells to the Chrismas time and very decorative meter-laces and table-cloth.

Many motives can also be worked by beginners, explanatory arrows and labeling of the commute relieve the overview.

64 sides, bound, text German and English