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Neues Leben fuer die Spitze - SOLD OUT

Available: This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

Item # 93013
The folder of the "Kloeppeltreff Oberrad" contains 9 laces from the continuance of the museum for applied art in Frankfurt on the Main and 3 laces from the pattern-book of the authorized representative of the "Kloeppeltreff Oberrad".

The laces were reconstructed by the lace-maker of the Klöppeltreff. Pattern and work-drawings were prepared. To many pattern were constructed fixes for the corners, partially even with two or three different possibilities.

It is different Torchon-lace, a table-bond, two Flemish laces and a Binche lace.

The technology varies from simply until selective. The extensive folder in the A4-format contains photos, pattern and work-drawings.

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