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Dekorative Kloeppelbilder - SOLD OUT

Available: This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

Item # 93096
Folder with 8-page, colored accompanying booklet and 5 sheets with pattern and description.

Folder contains a diverse selection of decorative singles-motives. Baby motives, that are to be worked relatively quickly, like also costlier works. It has both clothing as well as curtains or pillows decorated individually with the uses. Many motives are suitable as wall - and window pictures.

In the individual contains the folder.
tabel cloth or use - timbered-house, (23,5x23,5cm)
table cloth or use - pillard-architectures (36,5x41cm)
use engulfed ribbons (6x23cm)
2x necklace
use (7,5x20cm)
leaves (13x21cm)
bird with bloom (10cm high) butterflys, 8cm high)
girl-head (19cm high)
dandelions (18cm high)
daffodils (18cm high)
cobweb (18 x26c5cm)
3 butterflys (10x10cm and 9x9cm)
candle with bow (9x17cm)
bells with bow (11x18cm)
chrismas-jewelry - 8 motives
Motiv with bells (9x14cm)
bird in the circle (16 x16cm)