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36 Klöppelbilder nach der Natur

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Item # 93256


From Irmgard Schneider, 88 Pages, bound, Size: 24 x 17 cm, Text: german

One widened and completely revised reprint of Irmgard Schneider's popular book with bobbin-made pictures from the nature. Altogether 36 bobbin-made pictures from the native flora and fauna.

With consisently colored illustrations, instructions and all pattern.

The book contains tare, chestnut-leaf, chestnut-branch, ivy I + II, meadow-button, grape, oak, blackbirds, snow-berry, wild wine, linden, grape-cherry, snail in the reed, ribwort plantain, honeysuckle, dragonflies, arum, mezereum, rose hip, maple, eagle-owl, acacia, tiger lily, aster, misletoe twig, violets, lily, game forest-vine, birch, knotgrass, touch-me-not, pond-rose, fence-winches I + II.