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Milanese lace - yesterday and today

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Mailänder Spitze - Gestern und Heute
Milanese Lace – yesterday and today
by Barbara Corbet, 2nd edition 2020

240 pages, 30x22,5cm, hardback, text: german and english.

Milanese Lace is probably one of the most popular bobbin lace techniques. It is a very old tape lace which nevertheless allows any kind of modern designs and applications.

Barbara Corbet presents us here with a contemporary self-study textbook for Milanese lace. After a brief historical abstract follow detailed explanations for all of the specialties of this lace technique like starting and finishing braids, dividing and joining them as well as different solutions for working corners and curves.

Then 58 different braid patterns are introduced as straight version as well as patterned corner and curve – each one with picture, colour-coded working diagram, coloured diagram for the working order and description of every step in German and English.

Finally one can practise the newly learned lessons on 18 lace patterns. These are three reconstructions of traditional Milanese laces and 15 modern and for the most part colourful designs by Barbara Corbet (a square sampler which is recommend to beginn with, a hexagonal, an oval and a square mat, a square wall hanging, four circles composed of colourful Milanese braids, a snake-sampler, three archangles and two little motives: heart and clover leaf)