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Torchon trifft Baenderspitze 2

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Item # 92142
An extensive collection to the rework of 102 free-hand-laces, in each case with colored illustration and work-drawing. The patterns are worked without pattern and come Tytaersaari, Lavansaari and Saiskari from the Karelic ishmus and the islands in the Finnish gulf.

These free-hand-laces is diversified, partly monochrome, partly with several colors to bobbins. The karelic laces are 0.6 to 7 cm wide, the laces of the islands between 4 and 6 cm. Usually, 10 to 20 pairs are used, with the wider laces also more, up to 33 pairs.

Served the laces originally to the ornamentation of the aspiration-aprons and -bosom, they can be used of course also for other purposes today. An extensive collection for finished, that free-hand-laces or at all meter-laces like to work.

With hisoric introduction and technicle explanations. 104 sides, 29,7x21cm, 119 illustrations, solid cover with thread-stitching. Written in Finnish, German, Swedish and English.