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Floral Bedfordshire

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Item # 93048
The Bedfordshire-lace has its technology after the possibilities of diverse form-formation. So the most different motives can be inserted into an easy network in dense linen-hit, can simply be taken pair with demand to it and can be finished as inconspicuously as possible again later. Sharpen, rounds swung forms has shaped itself relatively freely.

40 again designed flower-motives in Bedfordshire-technic is introduced in this book.

with it serves quite costly playing to the formation of the flowers, blooms and supple like overlied, Z. T. rolled form-hits or indoors in a motive proceeding gimp threads. The motives will embed reasons in the most different filigree.

from Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof, 168 sides, 27x21cm, bound. Written in English, German, Dutch and French.