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Wooden Frame Egg Stand

The wooden frames "Egg Stand" are suitable for hanging your bobbin-lace. These frames will  be delivered in three parts, 2 base plates and an upper part, that you can glue together with some wood glue.

Size: 12 x 10 cm (4,7 x 3,9 in)

The following motives are available:
-  Chick
-  Butterfly
-  Child & Hedgehog
-  Rabbits

To the montage of your handicraft, we recommend a nylon-thread (magic-thread). This and suitable patterns you will find in the equipment.

(The delivery does not include the shown lace.)

  • Chick


    3,95 €*


    Item # 770310

    Ready for shipping Available

  • Butterfly


    3,95 €*


    Item # 770311

    Ready for shipping Available

  • Child & Hedgehog

    Child & Hedgehog

    3,95 €*


    Item # 770312

    Ready for shipping Available

  • Rabbits


    3,95 €*


    Item # 770314

    Ready for shipping Available