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DVD - Basic Course, with accompanying booklet.

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Item # 95200
This DVD makes possible an insight for you into the fascination of the bobbin-technology. Watch at the ladies with the work at the bobbin-pillow and learn the technologies of this old handicraft.

You can watch the movements again and again and can learn consequently everything step by step.

The reason-technology of bobbin were shown with 5 workpieces, as well as on the flat-pillow, also as on the role. Previous knowledge are not necessary. Text and language are german.

In the delivery capacity is the DVD and a small accompanying booklet with the 2 necessary patterns.

We recommends you if you want to learn to bobbin by yourself, additionally a textbook - in the category "for beginners"

We have composed specifically for the DVD 2 very affordable starter-sets with flat-pillows or role.
STARTER SET with flat-pillows ( Nr. 19998 )
STARTER SET with role ( Nr. 19999 )