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Patterns Time for Mushrooms

Available: Ready for shipping

Item # 841129

by Ina Meinhold

You get 3 sheets DIN A3 with colored pictures.
Leccinum, bay bolete (boletus badius), porcino mushroom (boletus edulis), brown and yellow bolet (xerocomus subtomentosus) and chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius) between oak-leaves, beechleaf and maple.

Size: ca. 19 x 19 cm

Material Recommendation (see equipment):
-  Valdani Cotton Yarn Wt 35, Colors: M49, M23, M07, M00,
    M19, M90, M12, M56, V01, M12 ... or as you like
-  Starch: Protecting-Spray or Lace-Fix