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Pattern Waiscoat Paula

Available: Ready for shipping

Item # 94302

by Christine Mirecki

Folder with instructions & pattern on 10 sheets DIN A3 for size M.
For size S (38/40) reducing to 92% and
for size L (46/50) enlarging to 108%.
In one way to bobbin.

It is better to use for larger sizes thicker material (f.. e. Tussah-Silk Nm 20/2 or Pagoda-Silk Nm 24/2) and for smaller sizes finer material (f.e. Schappe-Silk Nm 120/2x4 or Yaspé-Silk Nm 30/2).

Material Recommendation (see equipment):
-  Schappe Silk Nm 120/2x4
-  Tussah Silk Nm 20/2
-  Pagoda Silk Nm 24/2

Material Consumption:
Depending on great, length and number of colors altogether 100-200 g.

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